The journal has an advisory board which is composed by the same criteria and will be extended as the editorial board team will be. It currently consists of:

• Wilfried Bos (Dortmund)
• Hans-Dieter Daniels (Zürich)
• Frieda Heyting (Amsterdam) (Senior Editor)
• Brian Hudson (Brighton)
• Yasuo Imai (Tokyo)
• Jochen Kade (Frankfurt a. M.)
• Anastassios Kodakos (Rhodos)
• Sverker Lindblad (Göteborg)
• Christian Lüders (München)
• Hans Merkens (Berlin)
• Meinert A. Meyer (Hamburg) (Senior Editor)
• Bernard Schneuwly (Genf)
• Wolfgang Seitter (Marburg)
• Rudolf Tippelt (München)
• Giesela Trommsdorff (Konstanz)
• Agnès van Zanten (Paris)

The journal will use as the first journal for educational science in Germany the principle of advisory opinion. This practice of "peer review" is commonly used in other disciplines of social sciences as well as in other countries. It serves as a model for quality assurance and for the access to international citation indexes, also because of a growing interest in the evaluation of the results of educational science. International authors high in rank usually prefer journals with "peer review".

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